Brazil is reportedly set to hire OpenAI to aid the government in court cases in order to cut extensive costs. Specifically, the generative AI technology will be utilized in the screening and analysis process, according to a Reuters report. The decision will reportedly lessen court fees that have been a strain on the country’s federal budget.

The prominent rise of AI in the last two years has been one of the technology sector’s most interesting developments. Just this week, Apple announced it would integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology into its iPhones in what is a monumental collaboration.

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Brazil is Hiring OpenAI for Legal Aid

Since ChatGPT first hit the market in 2022, it has become almost an immediate success. The generative AI program has enjoyed a meteoric rise that has almost single-handedly altered the technology landscape. Indeed, its mere presence incited an AI arms race, with some of the biggest companies on the planet seeking to compete.

Now, the program is set to help an entire country with its legal proceedings. Specifically, Brazil is reportedly set to hire OpenAI to utilize in its court cases in an effort to cut costs. The report notes that the decision should provide vital relief for the country’s federal budget.

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The AI program will participate in flagging lawsuits that require action from the government prior to any final decision. Moreover, the report notes that it will work to map out specific trends, and notify the solicitor general’s office (AUG) of any “potential action areas.”

Microsoft will report providing the AI services from OpenAI, according to AGU. Moreover, it noted that it will take place through Microsoft’s Azure cloud-computing platform. The situation is a massive step forward in the use of generative AI in legal arenas.

Conversely, Brazil’s government estimated it would spend $13 billion on legal action, which it could not appeal. Subsequently, OpenAI will help cut those costs, while the government has assured that its activities will be “fully supervised by humans.”


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