Amid the BRICS bloc growth initiatives, both China and Russia have announced a major partnership. Both Russian President Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping met Thursday to discuss the relationship between both BRICS nations and how to further their joint goals throughout the collective.

Subsequently, the two sides had inked a massive joint statement that deepened diplomatic relations between the two nations. Specifically, both leaders had agreed to increase the “comprehensive partnership and strategic operation” on what is the countries’ 75th anniversary of diplomatic cooperation.

To this point, the partnership has been immensely successful, furthering the nation’s multipolar hopes. Moreover, their economic cooperation has led to 90% of bilateral trade being settled in the Chinese yuan and Russian ruble, a massive step toward de-dollarization and local currency promotion for the alliance.

The increased partnership will see both sides expand beyond just economic partnerships. Indeed, the newly signed agreement will strengthen mutually beneficial military cooperation and mutual sovereignty.

JUST IN: Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin agree to strengthen diplomatic relations between China and Russia.

— BRICS News (@BRICSinfo) May 16, 2024

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China and Russia Agree to Strengthen Relations Amid BRICS Success

Throughout the past year, the geopolitical landscape has undergone a massive shift. Indeed, that shift has been driven primarily by the prominent growth of the BRICS economic alliance. The group has seen its initiative gain momentum amid what was a noted expansion plan.

Now, two of the alliance’s most prominent members have fortified a critical relationship. Specifically, the BRICS nations, China and Russia, have announced a major partnership. After the two countries’ presidents met on Thursday, they signed a joint statement that indicates the strengthening of their diplomatic relationship.

The comprehensive statement delivered Thursday will see both nations challenge international efforts to lessen their economic and foreign policy capabilities. Indeed, nations agree to increase military cooperation, address American missile developments, implement opposition strategies for nuclear deterrence, and provide mutual support for territorial interferences.

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“Relations between Russia and China are not opportunistic and not directed at anyone,” Putin said. “Our cooperation in international matters is one of the stabilizing factors in the international arena.

Since 2022, the two sides have greatly increased their cooperation in a plethora of areas. Its economic impact is undeniable, with both leading the BRICS bloc to create a counter-establishment to the dominant Western powers.

This moment holds monumental importance for both international economic and geopolitical realities, as well as for the BRICS alliance as a whole. These kinds of agreements should only continue to grow in occurrences amid an expanded alliance. However, Russia and China have long been two of its most important members.

What Does the Agreement Entail?

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The joint statement signed by both countries outlines a myriad of facets where their cooperation will be expanded. Specifically, the document is over 30 pages long, according to Russian news agencies. Moreover, it delves into some more pressing issues facing the modern landscape.

Among those issues was concern regarding chemical weapons. The two sides expressed their displeasure with the politicization of the weaponry and agreed to cooperate on the abolishment of these chemical weapons.

Moreover, they agreed on the collaborative approach to combating terrorism and extremist action. the deepened ties will address financial intelligence risks regarding how terroristic groups’ money laundering practices.

The two sides also agreed on the importance of immediate discussion regarding militaristic deployments in outer space. Specifically, both sides sought to address treaties to forbid such developments.

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Both sides also explored their feelings toward critical matters. They discussed the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, with Russia welcoming China’s aid in a constructive capacity for the diplomatic settlement of the ongoing crisis.

Furthermore, they noted the preparation of greater strategic cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean. They also expressed their support for Syria’s and Libya’s sovereignty. Finally, the two sides addressed increased military cooperation between both countries.

Meanwhile, they candidly requested that the United States and NATO cease further military infrastructure in Afghanistan. The US and NATO engaged in the occupation of the country. Moreover, they urged the West to no longer interfere with the internal affairs of other nations, while requesting Afghanistan’s national reserves be unfrozen.

Conversely, the wide-ranging agreement is a game changer for the two nations. Moreover, it is a massive development for the BRICS bloc as a whole. It could lead to similar strategic developments between other alliance members.


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