Here’s the scoop: can you send Vbucks to friends?

So, you’re a Fortnite fanatic. Is that right? If so, you’ve probably heard of the term Vbucks.

Chances are you probably struck up some relationships with other Fortnite players too.

In fact, you might even consider yourself generous to the point where you want to send Vbucks to some friends.

But, can you send Vbucks to friends?

Today we will find out if you can send Vbucks because you never know when you will need to help a fellow Fortnite Player.

Keep reading to find out.

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Can you send Vbucks to friends?

Gifting the Vbucks directly to friends is not currently available with Fortnite.

However, that being said, Fortnite is allowing you another way to gift. This way you can share your love for the Vbucks in the digital world in different ways.

So, although you can’t send Vbucks directly to other players, what you can do is purchase things likey skins for your friends and send them as a gift.

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Opt for a Fortnite Gift Card instead

Second, another way to share some Fortnite goodness is by purchasing Fortnite gift cards.

These types of gift cards are available at various online retailers and they have a code on the back that can be used to add Vbucks to a Fortnite player’s account.

What you can do is simply give your friend the gift card and then they can redeem it for the bucks or for whatever items they want in the Fortnite world.


In conclusion, although it’s a little bit of a bummer, you can’t exactly send Vbucks to your friends… a simple workaround is to just Venmo someone the money for Vbucks or purchase gifts for them instead.

if you’d rather not do that, you can simply send your friend a gift card so you can spread joy in your world. Happy gaming.


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