Availing millions of dollars as profits is a bold statement to predict and swear by. As the current cryptocurrency realm basks in the bullish onset of the market, investors are keen on exploring robust coins—the ones that can justify their risk factor capabilities.

As half of the market looks forward to extracting profits via meme coins, here are three leading cryptocurrency tokens that have the potential to disseminate profits in millions.

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Top Coins Capable Of Delivering Millions in Profits

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Cryptocurrency #1: Bitcoin

Bitcoin is labeled as the king of cryptocurrencies, and rightfully so, as the token boasts the largest market cap out of all crypto tokens. With Bitcoin basking in a bullish cycle, several crypto experts have predicted the token’s surge to $173k by the end of this bullish phase, carving paths for investors to hodl Bitcoin and wait for its exceptional price ascent.

Per CoinCodex, Bitcoin may double its valuation by the end of 2024, spiking by nearly 72% in the process.

*Bitcoin may trade within a range of $68,044 and $117,519. If it reaches the upper price target, BTC could increase by 72.99% and reach $ 117,519.”

#BTC Next Target – $173K:

I’ve mentioned many times before that this cycle pattern is mirroring the 2017 Cycle (Cycle B) . Right now, #BTC is just consolidating around Fib 1.0, just like it did in Cycle B.

In Cycle B, we had 4 monthly candles followed by an explosive fifth… pic.twitter.com/FQ54P1B5RJ

— EGRAG CRYPTO (@egragcrypto) June 11, 2024

Cryptocurrency #2: Ethereum

Known as the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Ethereum tops the chart as a stellar altcoin waiting to join the bullish queue. ETH is also expected to claim new price highs, as the token has already been approved to explore the traditional ETF narrative into its realm.

The Ethereum ETF concept has already gained approval from the SEC. After the ETF launch, ETH is expected to deliver bullish price highs, doubling the profits of its holders.

Analytics Platform CoinCodex further issues a bullish price forecast for the token. The platform claims that the token may ascend to $6,645 by the end of 2024.

“Ethereum may trade within a range of $3,537.04 and $6,645.75. If it reaches the upper price target, ETH could increase by 84.73% and reach $6,645.75.”

#Ethereum is ready to break out of the falling wedge and it will pull a nice Altseason with it. pic.twitter.com/5w7QqZgxZr

— Yoddha (@CryptoYoddha) June 12, 2024

Cryptocurrency #3: Solana

Solana is undoubtedly one of the most trending tokens of the current bull phase and has attracted a large influx of users to the platform. SOL claimed new price highs this season as it continued to attract heavy volume due to the meme coin token surge that Solana fostered and nurtured in the process. The process helped SOL reach new price milestones, including breaching the $300 mark for a brief period.

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Per CoinCodex, Solana may double up its price later this year, trading at a new price pedestal of $366.

“Solana may trade within a range of $145.77 and $366.17. If it reaches the upper price target, SOL could increase by 139.35% and reach $366.17.”

REPORT: @solana surpasses all other chains in weekly NFT blockchain user adoption.

Users: 37K
Market Share: 26% pic.twitter.com/96MTkKhxrP

— SolanaFloor (@SolanaFloor) June 11, 2024


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