Your guide: does HEB sell postage stamps?

So, you’re in a rush to mail an important letter and it just dawned on you while you’re inside the grocery store.

You’re probably wondering if HEB sells postage.

They seem to probably sell everything else that you could potentially need so having stamps available would make total sense.

Today, we’re going to help answer just that.

Keep reading to find out more.

Does Albertsons Sell Postage Stamps?

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Where to find stamps at your local store?

Yes, HEB does sell postage stamps.

They typically stock their stamps near the checkout areas. Therefore, you should be able to conclude your other shopping prior to adding the stamps to your haul.

This way, you can grab a booklet or individual stamps along with your groceries.

If for some reason, the checkout line does not have stamps. We would recommend going to the Customer Service area where you would buy and get your rewards key tag.

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Where else to find postage stamps?

If, for some reason, your local store is sold out. Don’t worry, you have plenty of options. Although postage stamps seem difficult to track down, there is no shortage of popular chain stores that sell them.

The first place we would recommend is going to your local post office, as this would probably be the most convenient option.

But if they’re closed and you need your stamps after work we would recommend a few of the other following stores: Walgreens, Rite Aid, Dollar General, and any local convenience store


In conclusion, Hebs has essentially everything you need, from groceries to post stamps.

So, the next time you realize that you’re out of stamps, we highly recommend stocking up at your local start to save yourself from a future headache.

Happy mailing!


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