Your guide: Does Ulta Sell Sol De Janeiro?

If you’re a fan of a little beauty store called Ulta, you might even wonder if they sell Sol De Janeiro.

Today we’re going to answer just that

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Does Ulta sell Sol De Janeiro?

If you’re a fan of Sol De Janeiro, you’re in luck because Ulta does sell Sol De Janeiro. Moreover, they will have a wide array of Sol De Janeiro options for you to choose from.

What Sol De Janeiro products do they sell?

You’re going to find everything from body lotions to creams and even fragrances at your local Ulta

Is Sol De Janeiro expensive?

No, not really. With many of the high-end fragrances from the larger luxury brands ranging for over $200, the $38 price tag on this long-lasting scent makes it quite a steal.

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Does this brand Last long?

Yeah, according to our research, the fragrance is going to last quite a long time.

The mist typically lasts and lingers for a few hours.

In fact, we found someone who said that when they sprayed the mess on their clothes, they could still get a small amount of the fragrance three days later.


In conclusion, Ulta is one of the first large stores that is going to sell this brand.

If you’re a huge fan of Sol De Janeiro, because of the less expensive price tag and want to replace your top-line beauty products, which cost you an arm and a leg, Ulta is going to have your back.

Don’t forget, if you can’t get into a local Ulta, then you can shop on for any of your beauty needs.

Happy shopping. 


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