The cryptocurrency market has witnessed the arrival of several prominent figures. From outrightly bashing the market to diving right into it, Donald Trump has surprised many in the community. The former U.S. President now holds an eight-figure sum in various meme coins. Unlike traditional investments or trading, these holdings have accrued through daily airdrops from developers of different meme coin projects.

This event further underscores the unique confluence of politics and cryptocurrency. It marks the rise of “PolitiFi,” which is a blend of political figures and decentralized finance [DeFi].


Airdrop Avalanche

Developers of several meme coins have been sending tokens to Trump’s public Ethereum address. They have been leveraging his fame and the media attention it generates. This tactic has significantly boosted Trump’s digital portfolio, pushing it past the $10 million mark.

One of these instances is when a trader achieved a phenomenal return of 20,000,000% on TRUMP tokens. The journey began when the address 0x5Fc spent just $25 to buy 376,000 TRUMP tokens about ten months ago. Most of these meme coins were transferred to 0xc31, who held onto them without selling them. Today, this holding is valued at over $5 million, highlighting the extreme volatility of potential gains in the market.

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Top BIDEN holder +$500K

BIDEN coin launched around 4 months after TRUMP.

Trader F44 made his first purchase of BIDEN only 1 day later, and bought a total of $17,500 of BIDEN. (Half of which was bought in a single market order at the picotop)

His BIDEN stack is currently worth…

— Arkham (@ArkhamIntel) May 31, 2024

The BIDEN Coin Surge

The BIDEN meme coin has also seen remarkable activity. A trader made his first BIDEN purchase a day after its launch. He invested. total of $17,500. Despite acquiring half of his stake at the market peak, his holdings have grown significantly and are now over $550,000.

GCR’s RFK Themed Meme Coin Success

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The GCR-linked address, 0x321, not only holds $14.8 million in TRUMP but also has a substantial position in BOBBY, a meme coin associated with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. This address received an airdrop of 526 million BOBBY tokens due to its previous RFKJ holdings, now valued at about $180,000.

These developments signal the advent of a new era in cryptocurrency. This trend sees political figures and themes becoming central in the cryptocurrency space. Whether this trend will continue or evolve remains uncertain, but for now, the fusion of political and meme coins is making waves across the market.


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