Mastercard, JPMorgan, and some of the top banks in the United States are testing shared-ledge technology for tokenized asset settlements. Indeed, the tests are set to simulate US dollar transactions, according to a Bloomberg report.

US Bancorp, Wells Fargo, and Visa are some of the other large financial institutions taking part in the testing. Specifically, these banks are joining to explore tokenized asset settlement for commercial bank money and even investment-grade debt securities, the report notes.

JUST IN: Mastercard, JPMorgan, Visa, Wells Fargo & other top US banks are testing shared-ledger technology for tokenized asset settlements.

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Mastercard, JPMorgan, and Top Banks Test a Shared Ledger for Tokenized Settlements

Throughout 2024, the finance sector has been confronted with the increased prominence of cryptocurrencies. Indeed, that has increased the overall acceptance of this technology, and what It could mean for the future of finance. Now, some of the largest banks in the country are exploring how to be at the forefront of this transition.

Mastercard, JPMorgan, and some of the biggest banks in the United States have announced a partnership to test a shared ledger for tokenized settlements. Indeed, well-known financial institutions like US Bancorp, Wells Fargo, and Visa are also taking part in the test.

Source: The Financial Technology Expert

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Named the Regulated Settlement Network proof-of-concept, the testing will simulate dollar transactions. Essentially, the project is seeking to make both cross-border and cross-system transactions faster with a reduction in error occurrences.

The fruition of this ledger technology would have massive implications for the financial sector. Currently, there are a plethora of systems dedicated to things like commercial bank money, central bank money, and securities. However, the conversion of these assets to tokens within a ledger would allow settlements on the very same system.

Now these banks are working to test the capabilities of these technologies. Moreover, the report states that the present trial builds on a 12-week test that was initiated in 2022. Specifically, that focused on both cross-border and interbank payments. Conversely, some of the biggest banks in the United States are now conjoining resources to pursue tokenization settlements’ full potential.


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