McDonald’s has introduced an exciting new venture in Singapore: the ‘My Happy Place’ metaverse. This digital space invites locals to create custom burgers and participate in a variety of activities, seamlessly integrating McDonald’s iconic brand with a virtual environment. This innovative project is a collaboration between McDonald’s Singapore and Bandwagon Labs, the metaverse division of entertainment media tech company Bandwagon.

Running from June 6 to July 7, ‘My Happy Place’ marks McDonald’s first significant step into the metaverse. The success of this trial period will additionally determine the future of the project, noting the firm’s eagerness to explore and innovate within digital realms.


We’re thrilled to launch My Happy Place, together with McDonald’s Singapore! Dive into the metaverse where fun, flavor & friendship collide. Join us for interactive games, exclusive wearables, & endless joy.

Welcome to your happiest moments!

— Bandwagon Labs (@BandwagonLabs) June 6, 2024

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Key Feature of the Metaverse

Clarence Chan, founder of Bandwagon Labs, outlined three main features that define McDonald’s metaverse,

“It’s multiplayer where players can see others in the world with them. The metaverse is a creative canvas where we let users flex their creativity. And thirdly, it’s packed with daily rewards with different challenges that trigger a reward mechanism.”

Web3 technologies play a crucial role in enhancing security, functionality, and the utility of digital collectibles within McDonald’s ‘My Happy Place.’ By integrating wallet hosting services like MetaMask, users can securely authenticate their identity and participate in exclusive, token-gated activities. Chan further explained,

“By integrating wallet hosting services like MetaMask, we enable you to securely authenticate your identity and participate in token-gated activities within the metaverse.”

Furthermore, this pioneering initiative notes McDonald’s commitment to revolutionizing digital dining experiences. Bandwagon Labs has successfully tackled the technical and interactive challenges. This is done to create a seamless, enjoyable virtual environment. Users can not only play and engage with friends but also win tangible rewards.

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