One Microsoft executive has stated his belief that the interconnectivity of crypto and AI technologies is “just scratching the surface.” Indeed, Yorke Rhodes, the director for digital transformation, blockchain, and cloud supply chain at Microsoft, recently discussed the potential that these sectors have in conjunction with one another.

Speaking at the Cornell Blockchain Conference in New York, Rhodes noted that blockchain and AI have the capacity to intersect. Specifically, Rhodes identified the potential to “create agents to bring together the power of both.” Microsoft has long embraced the AI sector through its high-profile connections to OpenAI and ChatGPT.

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Microsoft Believes in a Future Where Crypto and AI Work Together

The technology industry is one of the fastest moving on the planet. What was once cutting-edge and groundbreaking, could become obsolete in just a matter of years, depending on the advances ahead. Throughout the last year, generative AI has proven to be one of the most popular areas of advancement for the technology sector.

Its meteoric rise has superseded the optimism surrounding cryptocurrencies for many. However, the harm is in viewing these avenues as competing areas, as opposed to collaborative ones. For one Microsoft executive, the cooperative avenues between crypto and AI are just scratching the surface.

Speaking at a ‘Crypto X AI’ panel, Rhodes said, “I do think that as these two technologies progress, you can create agents that bring together the power of both.” In his statements reported by CoinTelegraph, he clearly expresses interest in the idea of coexistence and cooperation.

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Thereafter, Rhodes was asked if Microsoft would ever create its own blockchain. “There’s already a massive amount of interesting stuff going on” in the digital asset space, he said. “Why would we try to recreate something that [already] has so much investment?”

Moreover, Rhodes assured that Microsft’s interest lies in building up and optimizing present technologies. He noted that the company would likely focus on layer-2 blockchain options. Specifically, he noted the firm would probably never operate on an L1 blockchain.

Rhodes’s statements reinforce what could be a burgeoning connection between both sectors. There have already been paths of cooperation with AI-based cryptocurrencies reaching the market. That may continue, with companies like Microsft prepared to lead the way.


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