WienerAI ($WAI) is a hot new project that combines the best of memes, humor, and artificial intelligence (AI). Indeed, these aspects work in conjunction to offer a rewarding token for its users. After witnessing high investor traction, it raised over $350K in just a few days of launch.

At the time of writing, you can get the $WAI token for just $0.0007 each. However, this price will increase as the presale progresses through its various stages.

Next Meme Token to Go Viral?

WienerAI is a brand new meme token that combines two of the hottest trends in crypto right now – memes and AI. It has a funny story about being made by a mad scientist who accidentally mixed in some hot dog DNA. Moreover, the token has the kind of silly humor that can make a meme coin go viral among investors. 

Beyond its catchy humor, the platform aims to make a playful token that leverages AI to offer actual utility to its users.

WienerAI can be compared to other viral meme tokens like Scotty The AI. Specifically, that similar offering raised millions in just a few weeks of its launch.

$SCOTTY recently got listed on MEXC and saw an over 150% gain in a few hours of listing, reaching a high of $0.0259.

WienerAI is working to build a similar support community known as the “Sausage Army.” Furthermore, it is taking strides to become the best dog-themed meme coin. The platform raised over $350K relatively quickly after seeing strong community support.

The platform’s native $WAI token is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum. Subsequently, it aims to provide utility and rewards to its community.

Early buyers can stake their $WAI tokens even before the ongoing presale ends to earn higher rewards. At the time of writing, the platform offers an APY of over 1,800%.

It is also worth noting that over 547 million tokens are already staked on the platform in just a few days of launch. This shows high investor traction and confidence in the project.

A staking mechanism usually helps avoid the typical ‘pump-and-dump’ tendencies after listing. Specifically, investors are incentivized to hold onto their tokens in the long term.

Interested buyers can enter the WienerAI Telegram channel to get the latest token listing and other updates.

Hot New AI-Powered Meme Crypto That Could Explode

Beyond just being a funny meme, what makes WienerAI really interesting is the AI part. According to the story, WienerAI is meant to be a highly advanced AI, “the most powerful cybernetic being in the universe.” 

The WienerAI whitepaper shows how WienerAI’s AI abilities will keep upgrading and evolving over time. The exact details aren’t clear yet, but the idea of a meme coin powered by cutting-edge AI is new and exciting. 

It taps into all the huge excitement around artificial intelligence right now. Billions of dollars are being invested into developing AI, and the seen in the rise of many new AI crypto tokens. WienerAI’s focus on leveraging AI to offer utility can help it tap into this momentum.

The project has a detailed roadmap with important goals like a worldwide marketing campaign, getting listed on major crypto websites and exchanges, and constantly improving its AI.

It’s important to be careful with brand-new projects, especially in the meme coin space, but WienerAI seems to check all the boxes and has a good mix of humor and AI that could potentially make it the next meme crypto to explode.

WienerAI has kept a supply cap of 69 billion $WAI tokens. Early buyers can buy 30% of these tokens at a discounted price during the ongoing presale phase.

It’s also worth noting that the $WAI token’s smart contract is audited by Coinsult. You can follow WienerAI on X (Twitter) to keep up with the latest platform updates.

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