A simple “Buy Bitcoin” sign garnered popularity after it made an appearance behind Janet Yellen during a 2017 Congressional testimony. The sign is once again making noise after it fetched an impressive sum of over $1 million at auction. The sign was crafted on a yellow legal pad by then-22-year-old Christian Langalis. The intern handwrote this message and now it has certainly transcended its humble beginnings.

Facilitated by Scarce.City, known for unique item auctions, the sale occurred at PubKey, a prominent Bitcoin-themed bar in New York City. It reached a record-breaking bid of 16 BTC. This further underscores a significant milestone for the entire cryptocurrency community. The auction’s buzz also reflects Bitcoin’s increasing prominence in mainstream culture. The entire feat started off as a spontaneous gesture by a young intern and now it showcases the resilience of the entire ecosystem.

And that’s a wrap on one of the most ICONIC pieces of Bitcoin history.

Made a little history of our own … meet the official new https://t.co/rNz9DWL5WE record. pic.twitter.com/3ixQmEHbd0

— Scarce.City (@scarcedotcity) April 24, 2024

The owner of the sign decided to keep things mum. The sign’s new owner was identified only as “Squirrekkywrath.” This further adds intrigue to this narrative. However, the auction proceeds will reportedly fund his startup. Tirrel Corp, developing a Bitcoin Lightning network wallet on Urbit. This move solidifies the sign’s legacy in the cryptocurrency realm, showcasing its transformative potential.


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Symbol of Transformation

The journey of the “Buy Bitcoin” sign starts from its modest inception to its record-breaking auction. This further epitomized the market’s transformative power. As cryptocurrency reshapes notions of value and ownership, its story inspires those envisioning a world transformed by disruptive technology.

Meanwhile, at press time, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was trading at $63,637.52 with a 4% daily decline. The asset continued to maintain its trillion-dollar level with regard to its market cap.


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