A recent study by veteran Statistician Dr. Hossein Hassani and research experts Xu Huang and Emmanuel Silva reveals that Ripple has partnered with around 80% of Japan’s banking industry. This milestone highlights the growing integration of blockchain technology in traditional finance in Japan. This further positions the firm as a key player in the transformation of financial services.

Ripple, known for its strong payment solutions, has made significant progress in Japan’s banking sector, which is typically cautious about new technologies. The research indicates that over 60 Japanese banks have adopted Ripple’s technology, showcasing a major shift toward innovative financial solutions. The paper notes that despite the ongoing legal issues with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC], which have caused some American banks to hesitate in partnering with the firm, Japanese banks remain committed. This unwavering support reflects the confidence and value these banks find in Ripple’s offerings.

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Benefits of Ripple’s Technology

The firm’s technology especially its On-Demand Liquidity [ODL] system, now called Ripple Payments, offers several significant advantages. This includes reduced transaction costs, faster processing times, and enhanced transparency. These benefits align well with the global banking industry’s goals of enhancing efficiency and customer service, making the firm a valuable partner for institutions.

One of the notable partnerships is the firm’s collaboration with SBI Holdings. This is a major Japanese financial conglomerate with multiple subsidiaries. Formed in 2016, the SBI-Ripple partnership led to the creation of SBI Ripple Asia. This venture has been crucial in integrating the firm’s payment infrastructure across SBI’s subsidiaries, facilitating efficient cross-border settlements.

Amidst this, XRP was trading at $0.524, at press time. The asset recorded a 0.42% drop throughout the last 24 hours. Despite the decline, XRP’s price stability indicates a period of extended consolidation.


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