US Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr revealed Tuesday that he purchased $24,000 worth of GameStop (GME) stock. In a post to X (formerly Twitter), RFK Jr says that the purchase was made to support the “retail rebellion.”

JUST IN: Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. buys $24,000 worth of GameStop $GME and says he supports the “retail rebellion.”

— Watcher.Guru (@WatcherGuru) May 21, 2024

“I’m very aware of what the average retail investors has been saying about the need for greater transparency in our markets, stronger regulatory oversight and tougher penalties for market manipulation and criminal behavior,” RFK said in his post. “My administration will support the Ape retail rebellion and enact aggressive Wall Street reforms.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr added that he’s funding the GameStop GME investment with fees he earned from suing Monsanto, an agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation that ended operations in 2018. “I love the idea of making Monsanto support GME and the Apes. We need a free and fair market. Let’s punish predatory short-selling to the moon.”

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Last week, GameStop stock surged by over 200%. The surge wasn’t for any huge development by the game-selling store. Instead, Roaring Kitty, the father of the video game retailer’s short squeeze in 2021, returned to social media and fueled the surge with a series of post proposing bullish sentiment. AMC also saw huge growth from the surge. However, GME has since settled back to $22.15 at closing time. Stock in GME has sunk over 45% in the past week following the brief pump.

The move by Robert F. Kennedy Jr appears to be looking to capitalize on the GameStop boom to sway more voters for his 2024 Presidential bid. He ensured that his administration if elected, would support the retail rebellion and reform Wall Street and short-selling.


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