As the crypto market takes a swipe at its next leg up, hot new narratives are well-positioned for massive gains. The new presale 5th Scape is at the forefront of one of crypto’s most promising narratives as it brings a VR gaming ecosystem to market.

Market participants can currently invest in the $5SCAPE token at presale, providing an opportunity for early exposure to an emerging crypto trend.

Market participants can currently invest in the $5SCAPE token at presale, providing an opportunity for early exposure to an emerging crypto trend.

5th Scape’s novel use case and first-mover advantage in the VR gaming space have fueled excitement, with its total raise recently surpassing $5.5 million, and top analysts are also taking note. 

Leading Analyst Says 100X Gains Are at Play for 5th Scape

For those who missed the crypto-AI revolution, the 5th Scape presale presents a second opportunity to invest early in a pioneering use case.

Its incorporation of VR into gaming has sparked tremendous excitement, with leading industry figures rallying in support.

Decrypt Crypto, a prominent market commentator with over 50K YouTube subscribers, recently published a video where he speculated that 5th Scape could hold 100x potential.

Alongside the project’s exciting use case, the analyst noted that its founders are doxxed and highly experienced in the technology and gaming industries.

Meanwhile, another leading industry expert with over 300K subscribers, Michael Wrubel, published an analysis last week where he provided numerous reasons why he is bullish on the new presale.

Indeed, this reinforces 5th Scape’s notable mass market appeal, but analysts are not the only ones paying attention to the new presale.

Leading media outfits like Cointelegraph, BeInCrypto, and CryptoPotato have all supported the project.

A gateway to hyper-realistic gaming and virtual experiences 

Ushering in the next generation of virtual experiences, 5th Scape’s proprietary VR headsets and gaming chairs skyrocket the project’s potential.

Equipped with these items and $5SCAPE tokens, users can interact with the 5th Scape ecosystem and its enthralling creations.

The project’s first venture is Cage Conquest, a mixed martial arts-themed game where users can experience a champion’s journey, partake in strategic training, or battle it out in online championships.

Following on, racing, soccer, cricket, and archery games are in the pipeline. However, the ambitious 5th Scape team is not stopping there; they are also looking to make a dent in the education and entertainment industries.

Indeed, the 5th Scape token is central to the operation, meaning token demand will align with the platform’s success. This helps alleviate the speculative-driven volatility many cryptos carry, with a continuous utility-driven demand stream ensuring price stability.

The $5SCAPE IEO will start at a 200% premium from its current presale price

Investors currently face a massive discount on the 5th Scape presale price compared to its exchange launch price.

It is currently available to buy at $0.00327, with the IEO set at $0.01. This presents a staggering 205% markup.

However, the presale price is incrementally rising throughout the campaign, so those seeking the most upside potential must act quickly.

The next uptick will come when the presale’s total raise hits $6.25 million.

So don’t miss the current low price. Follow the 5th Scape X account or join its Telegram for the latest updates. Alternatively, visit its website to buy tokens.

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