Pepe Coin [PEPE], the frog-themed meme coin, is once again capturing the spotlight in the crypto-verse. Its recent surge in price and the calculated accumulation by an astute investor have sparked intrigue and stirred speculation about its future path.

At press time, the asset was trading at $0.000008763, with a modest yet promising rise of 3% throughout the day. This upward movement follows a pattern of rising peaks and troughs since its low point of $0.00000448 in mid-April.


The limelight shines on a savvy investor’s strategic maneuver to amass a significant quantity of PEPE. Insights from Lookonchain, a blockchain analytics platform, reveal that an entity, identified by the address 0x2db3fb…, has invested 1.26 million USDC to acquire a substantial 142.96 billion PEPE at $0.000008831.

This bold strategy, coupled with an impressive trading record boasting an 85.7% win rate, has infused optimism regarding the asset’s future price movements.

A $PEPE smart money spent 1.26M $USDC to buy 142.96B $PEPE at $0.000008831 2 hours ago.

The smart money has traded $PEPE 7 times in the past 6 months, 6 of which were profitable, with a win rate of 85.7%, and the total profit is $915K.

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) May 6, 2024

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The Month of May

The surge in social media activity surrounding PEPE plays a pivotal role in shaping its price dynamics. Recent days have witnessed a notable increase in Social Volume, indicating increased interest and community engagement.

Changelly revealed that PEPE will most likely trade at an average of of $0.0000163 in May 2024. The asset will likely surge to a high of $0.0000242 during the month. The lowest that the meme coin will trade at is around $0.00000836.

Source – Coinfomania

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With both smart money strategies and a surge in social media attention driving momentum, the possibility of Pepe Coin reaching the highly anticipated $0.00001 mark appears tantalizingly close.

Despite skeptics dismissing it as a passing trend, its resilience in the face of market fluctuations hints at a deeper significance. However, the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market leaves investors in a lot of chaos.


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