Venezuela is one of multiple new countries interested in joining the BRICS bloc in 2024. According to the nation’s president Nicolás Maduro, the country’s relations with the alliance are “extraordinary,” and relations with the bloc’s members are excellent.

Venezuela maintains excellent relations with the BRICS member countries, the president said through the presidential press channel. There, he explained Venezuela’s focus on its application plans while applauding the success of the BRICS group thus far. Maduro lauded BRICS’ for ushering in “a new world,” through their activity.

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The Venezuelan President also reinforced the nation’s intention to join the organization and the benefits of belonging to the group. With joining BRICS, the country would grow its presence on the global stage, and join Brazil as the only other country from South America to join. Argentina was invited to the alliance in 2023 but declined the invitation.

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The alliance’s six-nation invitation at the 2023 summit was its first growth effort since 2001. However, many do not expect it to be its last. Specifically, there is the understanding that even more countries will be included in the bloc at the upcoming 2024 summit. With so many nations interested in joining, such expansion plans would be a vital geopolitical development.


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