XRP has long been a source of intense speculation within the crypto community, partially due to its heavy involvement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The legal dispute has also helped XRP gain a central spotlight, but it has done little to move its price and help the token touch decent price thresholds as of late. 

However, the surging court cases and their appeals are yet to deter the dominance that XRP exudes within the crypto space. The token has been regarded as one of the most sought-after tokens in the crypto space currently. 

With speculation doubling down on XRP, here’s how Ripple is poised to hit $1, beating all odds in and out of the center. 

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3 Reasons Why XRP May Hit $1 Soon

Source – Bitcoin.com

Ripple’s Prolific Spree of Corporate Alliances

Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, has remained relentless in his pursuit to establish XRP’s dominance beyond the determined lines of corporate verticals. Garlinghouse and the team ensured Ripple had diverse use cases to work with, shaping the token to work holistically and in tandem with multiple spheres and domains. 

Ripple’s stellar league of alliances with financial giants like Bank of Japan, Santander, and SBI Remit deliver new use cases to the token, helping XRP to develop beyond the normal realms of finance. This use case may play a crucial role in shaping the XRP’s future price trajectory, helping the token to trade and cross the $1 mark soon. 

A List Of All Ripple Partnerships

Source: https://t.co/GrZErx3AcS

As I went through this list I realized it’s scary af.

Banco Santander
Bank Of Indonesia
Bank Of Thailand
Cambridge Global Holdings
SBI Holdings
BBVA Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria
SCB Siam Commercial… pic.twitter.com/lpEIFpRtn6

— KriptoEntuzijast (@PetarMiljic) April 17, 2024

Ripple Stablecoin Adoption 

Ripple shook the cryptocurrency world by recently launching an XRP-inspired stablecoin for the community to explore and interact with. The stablecoin was launched while Ripple was embroiled in a case with the SEC. This denotes the token’s sheer resilience and robust belief system that the company emanates out to the world. 

Stablecoin adoption will play a crucial role in helping XRP gain steady market momentum. The move is set to help stabilize the price of XRP. The development may also help it breach several price barriers to trade at the $1 mark. 

JUST IN Rumours In The #XRPCommunity That @Ripple Could Launch Its USD-Backed Stablecoin In June This Year #XRP

When @Ripple Does It’s A Done Deal. A Stable Coin Which Will Never Collapse Bcos (IN BRAD WE TRUST) pic.twitter.com/4Kt0VyagJX

— XRP CAPTAIN (@UniverseTwenty) May 6, 2024

The Ripple-SEC Case Verdict 

The ongoing Ripple vs. SEC case has gnawed at the price of XRP for the last two years. The token has been a victim of extreme volatility and unpredictability lately.

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While Ripple claimed a partial win against the US SEC, the court is now inching toward a penalty payout narrative. This would entail the court mulling over the recent SEC’s demand for Ripple to pay $2 billion. Once the verdict is out, the case will move towards calmer waters, fueling hopes for an impending closure. This development may eventually contribute to the unhinged price rise of XRP, helping the token to cross past $1. 

#XRPHolders Judge Analisa Torres’s Decision Will Decide The Future Of #XRP Clock Is Ticking pic.twitter.com/dKUXTiFzxK

— XRP CAPTAIN (@UniverseTwenty) May 6, 2024


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