The BRICS summit is scheduled for October 2024 and four new members the UAE, Egypt, Iran, and Ethiopia will officially be a part of the meeting. The alliance is now a nine-member bloc due to the expansion which was announced during the last summit.

The upcoming BRICS 2024 summit will take place in the Kazan region of Russia and will be hosted by Vladimir Putin. Reports suggest that the alliance will invite many other world leaders from developing countries to attend the summit.

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Last year, France was the only European country that wanted to attend the BRICS summit but was denied entry from Russia and China. Both the countries expressed concerns that France aims to sabotage internal information and disrupt the alliance. However, France has not shown interest in being a part of the BRICS 2024 summit.

BRICS: 7 Countries Apply To Join Before 2024 Summit

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In 2024 alone, seven new countries have expressed their interest to join the BRICS alliance before the 16th summit. The development indicates that several developing nations find BRICS principles lucrative and the only option to challenge the US dollar.

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BRICS is looking to uproot the US dollar from the world’s reserve currency and replace it with local currencies. Read here to know how many sectors in the US will be affected if BRICS ditches the dollar for trade.

The seven countries that want to join the BRICS alliance in 2024 before the 16th summit in October are:



Sri Lanka





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Thailand expressed its interest in joining the alliance this month and wants to be a part of the 2024 summit. In addition, Pakistan is in touch with Russia and is negotiating an entry into the bloc but fears India could reject its application.


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