Despite ADA’s slow price momentum, Cardano keeps its new ecosystem trajectory alive by forging global alliances to scale Web3 adoption. The Cardano Foundation has recently announced a new partnership with Argentina to bolster blockchain adoption.

With such stellar corporate alliances in the queue, the perennial question remains: when will ADA breach its $1 mark?

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The Cardano Ecosystem: New Alliances and Chang Hard Fork Upgrade

Source: CoinDCX

Cardano seems to be working tirelessly towards its global adoption and, at the same time, triggering a significant price push to help traverse the ADA to new levels. In the wake of that, the Cardano ecosystem has recently announced a new partnership with Argentina to bolster global blockchain adoption initiatives.

At the same time, the ecosystem is also working towards establishing robust global contacts by deploying new Cardano use cases.

BREAKING: #Cardano Foundation announces partnership w/ Argentina to ‘further blockchain adoption’.

— Altcoin Daily (@AltcoinDailyio) June 6, 2024

Per Dan Gambardello, a notable crypto analyst, Cardano is currently working with Dubai Police on a new compelling use case that delivers blockchain with a real-life utilitarian purpose to explore.

Meanwhile, the United States is also considering exploring Cardano to bolster its voting-related mechanisms, which should help Cardano recover its lost valuation.

Cardano Foundation has partnered with Argentina

Dubai Police using Cardano

US States looking into Cardano for voting

All fuel to guide ADA into the new era of Voltaire and a community run chain as charts prepare a parabolic bull market move.

— Dan Gambardello (@cryptorecruitr) June 6, 2024

Additionally, Cardano is also looking forward to deploying its much-awaited Chang Hard Fork Upgrade, which will again bring forth a variety of new features for Cardano to gain new momentum in the field.

Cardano Price Path: When Will ADA Hit $0.75 and $1 Price Marks?

With such stellar use cases and partnerships underway, Cardano may soon ascend to new price thresholds. Per Alexander Legolas, Cardano is poised to climb new price highs based on historical narratives and data.

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Legolas shared how ADA has touched new highs after 292 days since the Bitcoin Halving events. It’s been only 46 days since the recent BTC halving, and that patience can help investors document a stellar price hike in ADA’s price momentum.

It took $ADA 292 DAYS after the last BITCOIN HALVING to get to its previous All Time High of $1.38 it set in Jan 2018.
FRIENDS ITS ONLY BEEN 46 DAYS SINCE THIS CYCLES BITCOIN HALVING. Patience, the PUMP is coming. ADA will crush $3.10 in less than 292 days.

— Alexander Legolas (@ShillMoBaggins) June 4, 2024

Per CoinCodex, Cardano may spike to cross the $1 price mark by the end of 2024.

“Cardano is forecasted to trade within a range of $0.422905 and $1.869365. If it reaches the upper price target, ADA could increase by 304.51% and reach $1.869365.”

Based on recent technical analysis, ADA can soon spike past $0.75 during the second half of 2024, after which it can resume its ascent to claim the ambitious $1 spot.

The platform further predicts that ADA will breach the $2 price mark by 2025.

“According to our Cardano price prediction, ADA is forecast to trade within a price range of $ 0.422905 and $ 2.39 next year. Cardano will increase by 417.15% and reach $2.39 if it reaches the higher value target for 2025.”


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