Your guide: Can you negotiate on Airbnb?

Summer is here, and it’s time to get outside. For many, traveling is often a part of their summertime adventures. For some of us, trying to figure out the best place to stay is another part of the puzzle. Have you considered using Airbnb?

Airbnb is great because it can help you really expand where you are staying instead of just having the usual hotel experience. Did you know that you can negotiate on Airbnb?

Today, we’re going to highlight a little bit about AirBNB and its prices, and how you can negotiate to save some money. Keep reading to find out.

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Can prices be negotiated on Airbnb?

Yes, prices can be negotiated for an Airbnb. Remember, as a guest, you should be able to contact the actual AirBnB host directly. So, if you’re looking to save a few bucks, it might be worth it to Hackel but not to the actual owner. You never know, and there is no harm in being able to figure out if you can get a cheaper rate.

How to get cheaper prices on Airbnb

To negotiate on Airbnb, there are a few things that you need to consider. Remember to use a lower rate. These include booking a long-term stay off-peak season and last-minute bookings.

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Long-term stays

The first way to negotiate your price would be by booking a long-term stay. Typically, those people who rent out their space would probably see the benefit in giving you a better rate if reservation clients.

Off-peak season

The next way you can try to get a price reduction is by checking out a property during an off-peak season. If the demand is lower at the time of booking, then you’ll probably be able to negotiate a better deal. This is an ideal time to negotiate your nightly rates so that you can save more money on those summertime adventures.

Last-minute booking

Last but not least, an optimal time to ask for a price break is through last-minute bookings. Think about it as the actual owner of the property for a moment. It would drive you a little buckwild if you’re making no money, right?

So, imagine someone comes through at the last minute and wants to rent your space. That would make you super happy. You’d probably be much more likely to give a better rate just to get the cash in the door.

Tips on how to approach a host

Listen, this is not the time when you need to demand that you get a lower rate. You want to be polite and friendly. Remember, the owners are also humans, and they have feelings.

So, if you come to them politely, asking and being friendly, they might be open to chatting with you. The other thing is that you want to go to them with reasonable numbers. A 50% price reduction is pretty steep, but a 10% reduction might be more likely. Offer something that makes the most sense.

Other tips on how to negotiate an Airbnb

Here are some other quick tips that might help you negotiate a better price.

First, you want to make sure that you are communicating early on. And if your dates for travel are flexible, be sure to let your house know. The more flexibility you have, the better chances you have in terms of getting a good price

Plus, you do hold some power, and you’re able to leave a positive review. The host totally knows that. This is a bit of a leverage factor. The host doesn’t hold all the power. You are the consumer, after all.


In conclusion, it’s worth trying to negotiate an Airbnb. Especially following the above tips. The chances of getting a better price are much higher if you fall into one of the above categories.

Listen, everyone’s feeling a little bit of a pinch, especially with the election just a few months away. So, you shouldn’t have any shame in being able to ask for a better price. Using the guidance above, you will probably save a few bucks so you and your wallet will be happy all vacation long.

Happy traveling!


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