The US dollar has always been a topic of serious discussion among analysts. While several experts are busy predicting its fall, some analysts are vying for the USD’s new pace, labeling the currency as the best available option among its competitors. 

Joining the pro-USD league, experts from Morgan Stanley, a leading financial institution, have shared a new analysis, stating that the US dollar will be hard to subdue and dominate.

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US Dollar’s Equation With Chinese Yuan


China has long been trying to subdue the US dollar dominance on a global scale. The nation has already expedited efforts to challenge the US dollar’s supremacy by conducting trade alliances in local currencies. China and Russia have recently carried out $260 billion worth of trade in Yuan and Ruble,  leaving USD out of the trade proceedings. 

$260 billion worth of trade between China and Russia this year… but almost no US dollar will be used!

It will be 95% Chinese yuan and Russian ruble. Maybe some Euros involved.

This dedollarization will soon be replicated among all BRICS+ members.

— Umer Khayam (@KhayamTV) April 23, 2024

With the rise of multipolar currencies and the formation of BRICS, several countries have now risen to the occasion, challenging the USD’s prestige. The BRICS nations are also working on developing an independent currency. This blockchain-based currency is said to directly challenge the US dollar’s hold all over the world while derailing its momentum.

BRICS is preparing to launch an independent blockchain-based system called ‘BRICS PAY.’

This step aims to completely end the use of the dollar in interstate trade.

— Globe Eye News (@GlobeEyeNews) May 14, 2024

At the same time, the US economy and its eroding economic parameters are also fueling the USD’s degradation on a global scale. The swelling US debt metrics project a wobbly stance, which in turn is impacting the United States’ prestige as a robust economy. 

However, in a recent report, Morgan Stanley analysts have shared a rather astounding analysis, claiming that the US will thrive despite the current odds gnawing at its door.

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Chinese Yuan Will Do No Harm To The US Dollar. 

According to Morgan Stanley’s head of FX strategy for emerging markets, James Lord, the Chinese Yuan will never be able to uproot the US dollar. Lord explained his reasoning behind this bold claim, stating that the Yuan is not liquid enough to challenge the USD global power dynamics.

Stating crucial facts, Lord reiterated how Beijing’s strict control over its currency flow may thwart efforts to outpace the US dollar. 

“It seems unlikely to challenge the US dollar meaningfully anytime soon. To do so, we think China would need to relax control of its currency and open the capital account. It doesn’t seem likely that Beijing will want to do this anytime soon,” Lord said.

At present, the Chinese economy is undergoing a stark real estate crisis. The Chinese housing market has plummeted to new lows, denoting signs of distress running amuck in the narrative. 


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