The crypto realm is filled with rag-to-riches stories. Such stories have filled the imagination of many young investors who aim to make it big in crypto. According to cryptocurrency analysis firm LookOnChain, a diamond trader turned $1,361 into $2.32 million in just five months. The rise in value translates to a growth of about 170,362%, or 1705X.

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LookOnChain notes that the trader spent 12 Solana (SOL) tokens, worth around $1361, to purchase 5.21 million PONKE tokens on Dec. 24. 2023. Since December, PONKE’s price has risen manyfold. The value of the trader’s portfolio has consequently risen to $2.32 million.

This diamond trader turned $1,361 into $2.32M in 5 months, a gain of 1,705x!

He spent 12 $SOL($1,361) to buy 5.21M $PONKE on Dec 24, 2023.

With the price of $PONKE rising, 5.21M $PONKE is now worth $2.32M!

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) May 20, 2024

How to spot cryptocurrencies that can make you a millionaire?

Assets that can make you a millionaire are plenty. However, such assets come with a lot of risks. Many times, these projects are pump-and-dump schemes that usually lead to investors losing their initial capital. Therefore, investors must exercise caution before putting their money into such projects.

Long-term investments are the safest way to make it big with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin (BTC), the first crypto asset, is arguably the best-performing asset of the last decade-and-a-half. BTC’s price has risen from less than $1 to over $73,000 in about 15 years. While it is tempting to make a quick buck, investing in long-term projects has far fewer risks. Moreover, projects such as BTC and Ethereum (ETH) have a lot more utility than smaller projects. Albeit, small assets could potentially give more returns in a shorter time.

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If an investor wants to spot a small cryptocurrency to make it big, they have to keep their eyes glued on the market and be on the lookout for any new launches. Moreover, it is advised that investors do proper due diligence before putting their money into a new project.


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