In what is a massive sale for the project, CryptoPunk #635 has been sold for 4,000 ETH worth more than $12 million. Indeed, the uniquely generated non-fungible token has been yet another from the well-known NFT line to be sold for a remarkable sum.

Earlier this year, the Cryptopunk project saw multiple NFTs sell for more than $16 million worth of Ethereum. Specifically, in March, two weeks separated the two sales of Punk #3100 and Punk #7084. Now, Punk #635 is the latest CryptoPunk NFT to go for the impressive sum.

JUST IN: Crypto Punk #635 has been sold for 4,000 $ETH ($12,405,000).

— Watcher.Guru (@WatcherGuru) April 25, 2024

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CryptoPunk NFT Sells for 4,000 ETH

Within the digital asset sector, NFTs have become a unique aspect of the industry. Although they have not seen the kind of surge in popularity of cryptocurrencies, they have still remained an important part of the sector to many investors.

That has been all the more proven by a recent sale that took place. Indeed, CryptoPunk #635 has officially been sold for more than $12 million. Specifically, the NFT had been acquired for 4,000 ETH in a sign of the project’s continued relevance in the space.

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CryptoPunk is a popular NFT project for many investors. They represent 10,000 unique collectibles that have their proof of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, it was one of the earliest entries into what was a viral marketplace. Subseuqnlety, they have been well known for their iconic place in the industry.

As previously stated, the latest CryptoPunk sale is part of a larger trend. Throughout the early months of the year, these NFTs have continued to sell very well. The continued drive for popularity is strongly connected to the uniqueness and exclusivity of the project, with no two NFTs being exactly alike.


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