The US dollar has been ferociously taking over the market with its current price pace and momentum with the Pakistani Rupee. Despite being pressed under gargantuan debt and load, the US economy continues to carve new milestones every day. However, the rise of new market contenders is still injuring the USD’s might, impacting its overall prestige. 

In recent weeks, the Pakistani rupee has appreciated nearly 0.03% against the USD, accumulating moderate gains against the US dollar. Apart from the PKR, the Kenyan shilling has also stabilized its falling fortunes, gaining momentum against the American currency.

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US Dollar: What’s Fueling Pakistani Rupees’ Market Pace? 

Source: WatcherGuru

The Pakistani rupee has appreciated against the US dollar, partly driven by the upcoming IMF meeting that the nation will be attending on April 29. 

The Pakistani rupee’s tick-ups are being driven by the anticipation that the IMF will reportedly approve the $1.1 billion worth of funding for Pakistan, aiding the nation in spearheading its infrastructural and economic health. 

The talks may take a positive turn, per the US ambassador to Pakistan, Donald Blome, fueling the PKR/USD narrative up a notch. 

Blome later shared that the positive IMF outlook towards Pakistan will help the nation attract foreign investors. This development will further stabilize Pakistan’s economic verticals, giving it a much-needed boost and ascent. 

“Acknowledging the positive economic indicators of Pakistan, Ambassador Blome noted the downward trend in inflation and high dollar reserves, stating that the IMF’s positive feedback would encourage investors,” said an official statement issued after the meeting. “ 

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Block further rising verticals that the nation may draw investors towards. The ambassador noted the rising interest in gaming in the region, particularly in the digital space, which can be a lucrative avenue to explore and tinker with. 

“He also highlighted the flourishing gaming industry in Pakistan and called for enhanced cooperation in the digital sector, it said.” 


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