Your guide: Does FedEx sell postage stamps?

So, you’re shipping out some cool items that you bought for your loved ones cross-country at your local FedEx.

You Jump back in the car and realize you have some important utility bills to send out via normal snail mail.

Then, you realize that you might be out of stamps.

The most logical step would be to go back into FedEx, but you might not want to look like a fool in case they don’t sell stamps.

Today will help uncover if FedEx sells postage stamps so that way you can be cool, calm, and collected as you go back inside the store to grab them.

Source: The Current

Keep reading to find out. 

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Does FedEx sell stamps?

FedEx is primarily known for its shipping services like sending large items across the country or even worldwide.

When it comes to postage, it’s not gonna be a one-size-fits-all method.

In most metropolitan areas FedEx will typically sell postage stamps.

But we would highly recommend just giving them a quick call and asking if they have any on hand that are available to purchase.

This way you don’t make a whole trip if you’re not already at the location only to be let down.

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Where else can you find postage stamps?

If your local FedEx does not have postage stamps do not worry.

You can typically find stamps at local grocery stores like Publix or Kroger.

You can also check your local post office or any sort of convenience store, like Rite Aid would typically have posts available for purchase.


In conclusion, while FedEx does not 100% guarantee that they have stamps on hand, you still have plenty of other options when it comes to mailing something out.

Our suggestion to you is that when you do find stamps, you should buy a roll or book of them because this will help you just live a little bit more of a stress-free life, knowing that you have stamps at home no matter what mailing needs may arise.

Happy mailing!


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