Help I need flowers: Does Giant sell flowers?

So, you need to grab a quick flower bouquet for someone special. Lucky for you you live near a giant grocery store.

Today we’ll answer the question, “Does Giant sell flowers?“

Keep reading to find out

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Does Giant sell flowers?

Yes, Giant sells flowers.

They’re not just going to be your go-to spot when it comes to picking up a pint of milk or coffee, but they’re going to have a great floral selection for you as well.

In fact, many other locations have a dedicated floral department where you can find literally any type of flower arrangement that you might need.

The flowers should be easily visible, but if they are not, locate eth nearest store associate. They should be able to direct you to the necessary area to make your floral purchase.

Why are grocery store flowers so cheap?

One thing you’ll notice when you’re buying flowers at a grocery store versus a florist is that the price is so much less expensive.

Typically, this is because the grocery store chain is buying them by the truckloads, and they’re able to get them at a much lower price.

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Where can I find flowers?

If for some reason, your local giant store is out of flowers, you’re still in luck. We would highly recommend checking out your local Target, Rite Aid, or Walmart.


In conclusion, it turns out that giant grocers do indeed sell flowers.

So, the next time we need to run out and grab a dozen eggs and you want to surprise someone with a nice little fresh bouquet, Giants should have your back.

If, for some reason, they’re totally sold out, don’t worry; there are plenty of options, as mentioned above, so you can surprise your special someone.

Happy shopping.


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