Your mailing guide: does Kroger sell postage stamps?

Picture this… You have a day filled with errands that you’re just dreading to make happen.

Of course, you have to run to this store and that store, and your final destination is your local Kroger.

Kroger is known to be a giant that has everything you need from cleaning supplies to groceries.

In the middle of your shopping journey, it dawns on you that you need to mail something out that’s important. But, you just remembered you’re all out of postage stamps.

So, since you’re standing in the middle of a grocery store that has everything you might ask “Does Kroger sell postage stamps?”

Keep reading to find out.

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Does Kroger sell stamps?

The answer is a bit unclear, but most likely yes. In doing our research, it looks like not all Kroger‘s will be stocked with stamps, but most of them are. We recommend contacting the location closes to you in order to verify that they do sell them.

Where do you find stamps at Kroger?

 Usually, you would find stamps in the Customer Service area.

The same place you would get your key tag for any type of reward system.

You can also check out some of the ATMs because some ATMs now sell stamps as well. They are all typically located near the front of the store.

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In conclusion, Kroger will most likely be your one-stop shop for everything including stamps.

If for some reason, they do not have customer service, be sure to check the ATMs because these two might be good sources for finding stamps.

If they are sold out at Kroger‘s and their ATMs, you might want to check your local Dollar General or even your local post office.

Happy mailing.


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