Your Mailing Guide: does Winco sell postage stamps?

You’re at your local Winco grocery store, grabbing a quick jug of milk…

Then out of nowhere, you realize that you need to mail out your electricity bill in a couple of days before they shut off the electricity.

You’re not sure if you have any postage stamps at home. Your first instinct is, of course, to see if Winco has it.

So, the question of “Does Winco sell postage stamps?” might come up.

Today, we’re going to help answer this question right here.

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Does Winco sell postage stamps?

From what we can find online, yes, Winco does indeed sell postage stamps.

You can either purchase full booklets at any checkout stand or you can also grab individual stamps. We highly recommend grabbing as much as you can so that way, you don’t find yourself in the situation.

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Where do I find stamps inside Winco?

You have a couple of different options. If you’re really in a bind, we highly recommend going to the Customer Service counter. Any staff member should be able to help you.

Typically at Winco, you should be able to buy the stamps at the actual checkout counters themselves. 

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Where else can I find stamps?

If for some reason your local Winco is totally out of stamps, you can also get postage stamps at your nearest Dollar General store or any convenience store like Rite Aid.

Of course, you can also hit up your local post office if it’s not too late.


In conclusion, Winco can totally be your nonstop shop when it comes to grabbing everything from groceries to office supplies like your post office stamps.

If for some reason they’re out, don’t worry you still have plenty of other options out there, as mentioned above.

Regardless of where you get your stamps, we highly recommend stocking up now so that way you don’t have another panic attack when you realize you need to mail out something important

Happy mailing.


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