Google has announced that it is set to lay off hundreds of the company’s ‘Core’ employees. Indeed, the tech giant is set to fire at least 200 employees, with plans to relocate many of the roles to India and Mexico.

Google’s Core team is the grouping behind the technological developments of the company’s most important products. Moreover, according to the company’s website, the group is important to protecting users’ safety online. Now, many of those positions will be a part of the company’s reorganization plans.

JUST IN: Google lays off hundreds of ‘core’ employees and is moving some positions to India and Mexico for cheaper costs.

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Google to Lay Off At Least 200 Employees

Throughout much of last year, and into 2024, layoffs have been a sad reality of the tech sector. Despite ballooning earnings reports, some dominant firms have been forced to assess the quantity of their staff. Subseuqnlety, many have been forced to enact rather large employee cuts.

Now, Google has continued that practice, with layoffs hitting hundreds of its ‘core’ employees. Moreover, these roles are reportedly set to be a part of the company’s reorganization plans. Specifically, many of the roles will be moved to India and Mexico.

Source: BBC

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The company’s Vice President, Asim Husain, announced the layoffs in an email sent to his team last week. Moreover, he reportedly told employees that it was set to be “the biggest planned reduction for his team this year,” according to documents.

“We intend to maintain our current global footprint while also expanding in high-growth global workforce locations so that we can operate closer to our partners and developer communities,” Husain wrote.

Early in 2023, Alphabet, Google’s partner company, announced it would eliminate a remarkable 12,000 jobs. Therefore, they would be set to slash 6% of its total workforce. In the latest action by Google at least 50 jobs will be eliminated from its California offices.


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