Nancy Pelosi has made stellar profits in the US stock market and her net worth crossed $250 million in 2024. Her bets in the stock market paid handsome returns making her earn millions in profits in a short period. Surprisingly, in May 2024 alone, Nancy Pelosi made $10 million in profits in the stock market in just 22 days.

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However, most of the gains are unrealized profits and the politician has not cashed out her holdings. Nancy Pelosi is been holding the stocks for a few years which is in turn making her portfolio swell.

The majority of Nancy Pelosi’s trades have delivered lucrative gains with only a handful of them that generated losses. Nonetheless, since she is in it for the long term, the chances of a recovery on investment remain high.

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This One Stock Has Delivered Losses To Nancy Pelosi

Source: NPR

While most of Nancy Pelosi’s stocks have been a success, her investment in the Palo Alto Network (NASDAQ: PANW) stocks has seen losses. She acquired the shares in two combinations this year in February for $376.9. However, PANW dipped in the charts a week after her purchase falling to a low of $261. She has picked up the stock at a local high and it turned out to be a bad investment idea.

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BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi’s net worth just crossed $250,000,000 for the first time

She has made $10,000,000 in the stock market so far this month alone


— Insider Tracker (@TrackInsiders_) May 21, 2024

Even after three months since the purchase, the Palo Alto Network stock is yet to recover from its slumber. It is currently trading at 311.66 and Tuesday’s closing bell saw it dip by 12 points and -3.74%. Therefore, the PANW stock needs to rise by another 21% for Nancy Pelosi’s investment to break even.

The Palo Alto Network stock is attracting bearish sentiments and is among the rare choices that are delivering losses to Nancy Pelosi. Going by the buying volume, PANW stocks could take many more months to recover and climb above the $376 mark.


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