The chipmaker giant Nvidia recently joined the $3 trillion market cap club, ushering in profits worth $26 billion. The organization has reported a 5% increase in its share prices as investors continue to bank on the AI chipmaker’s stellar expertise and know-how in the space. At the same time, Nvidia has claimed the second-most valuable company spot in the US, outpacing contenders like Apple and Microsoft to join the race.

Despite stellar stock metrics reports, Nvidia is moving ahead to adopt a 10 for 1 stock split phenomenon, which may halt the firm’s consistent winning streak to a certain level.

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Nvidia 10 for 1 Stock Split: What To Expect

Source: AnalyticsInsight

After delivering a stunning earnings report on Wednesday, Nvidia has announced a 10 for 1 stock split, which roughly means buyers will acquire 9 more shares on the purchase of one share. The strategy is usually adopted by a firm to increase the liquidity of trading in its shares. At the same time, the stock split helps in making shares of a firm accessible to the masses, making it easier for traders to diversify their investments.


1. NVDA beat all headline expectations, raised guidance, AND announce a 10-for-1 stock split.

2. Reported record revenue of $26 billion, up 262% Y/Y and much higher than the consensus estimate of $24.5 billion.

3. Q1 Earnings per share…

— Jesse Cohen (@JesseCohenInv) May 22, 2024

The split strategy makes it easier for the masses to invest in a firm’s shares, but as a downside, a stock split often results in documenting a temporary downtrend in a stock price. This downtrend is later capitalized by investors, thereby inviting an influx of traders hoping to bask in a firm’s glorious price and stock ascent.

Nvidia’s 10 for 1 stock split strategy will come into effect before the Friday opening bell. The split will impact the investors and shareholders of Nvidia, who will be receiving nine additional shares.

On Monday, the market will be projecting the new split-adjusted stock price for Nvidia, which may be slightly lower than its initial stock price of $1,040. The split will not affect the total value of Nvidia investors or its market cap, and it will make it accessible for the masses to purchase the stock in a simplified manner.

Nvidia Price Chart Dissection: Waning Stock Interest Markers Indicate Bearish Momentum

Despite Nvidia announcing a spectacular price metrics report, the company is currently documenting declining trade numbers. Speaking about Nvidia’s stock price patterns, the chart indicates a lower RSI, denoting a bearish divergence.

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At the same time, the stock split strategy may temporarily lower the price of the AI chipmaker giant, impacting its stock price levels to a certain extent. The split may also trigger potential price volatility in Nvidia stocks, jeopardizing its position in the trading realm.


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