Artificial intelligence technology giant OpenAi shared its spring update Monday, which announced the latest model of their AI software, GPT-40. The launch also comes with new updates and more tools for ChatGPT-free users.

We’re opening up access to our new flagship model, GPT-4o, and features like browse, data analysis, and memory to everyone for free (with limits).

— OpenAI (@OpenAI) May 13, 2024

Sam Altman, OpenAI’s CEO, shared information during a company livestream about the new GPT-4o model. In a thread on X, Altman states “Our new model: GPT-4o, is our best model ever. it is smart, it is fast, it is natively multimodal, and it is available to all ChatGPT users, including on the free plan!” The software has previously been available for paid customers, but now will be available for all users for free. The live stream also introduced a new desktop app and UI for ChatGPT.

“In the API, GPT-4o is half the price AND twice as fast as GPT-4-turbo. and 5x rate limits,” Altman adds in the thread. The livestream also featured a demo of the GPT-40 model in use, using a new voice mode that answered a math problem and told a story about a robot. According to Altman, the new voice mode will be live in the coming weeks for plus users.

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According to OpenAI, when using GPT-4o, ChatGPT Free users will now have access to features such as:

Experience GPT-4 level intelligence 

Get responses(opens in a new window) from both the model and the web  

Analyze data(opens in a new window) and create charts 

Chat about photos you take

Upload files(opens in a new window) for assistance summarizing, writing, or analyzing

Discover and use GPTs and the GPT Store

Build a more helpful experience with Memory

Source: The Economic Times

New Capabilities with OpenAI’s GPT-4o

Furthermore, GPT-40 allows you to do even more with AI, including taking a picture of a menu in a different language and talking to GPT-4o to translate it, learn about the food’s history and significance, and get recommendations. OpenAI plans on adding improvements that will allow for more natural, real-time voice conversation and the ability to converse with ChatGPT via real-time video. For example, you could show ChatGPT a live sports game and ask it to explain the rules to you. The voice mode for GPT-4o will be released in early access for Plus users first before mass release.

The announcement is huge for OpenAI, which has already made waves with its ChatGPT The company’s AI chatbot became the fastest adopted piece of software in history. Its viral success has already sparked competing chatbots from tech giants such as Microsoft, Alphabet, and numerous AI startups flush with new funding.

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OpenAI has been at the forefront of the AI revolution. The company recently announced the launch of Sora, a text-to-video-generation AI chatbot. The launch had also triggered a notable surge in the price of AI cryptocurrencies, including Sam Altman’s controversial Worldcoin


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