Pepe (PEPE) saw an over 53% surge in the last week after rebounding from the $0.00000491 support level. PEPE traded above $0.000007 at press time after breaking out of its bullish pattern on the daily chart.

It outperformed market leaders like Bitcoin and Ethereum by 10x in the last 7 days. The recent Coinbase launch of the meme coin’s perpetual contracts could be a major reason for this recovery. 

Meanwhile, a new meme token that’s making headlines is Dogeverse. Its recently launched presale has seen huge investor traction and raised over $11 million so far.

Whales Have Their Eyes On PEPE

PEPE Whales have become quite active since the recent Bitcoin halving. Santiment data shows a clear uptrend in transactions above $100K since the halving.

It is also worth noting that PEPE’s supply on exchanges declined during this time, which showed that many investors are HODLing the meme token.

In fact, a recent Tweet from Spot On Chain shows how a whale has been gradually stockpiling 211.6B PEPE (now worth over $1.7 million).

One of the main reasons behind the recent investor optimism has been the recent Coinbase announcement of listing PEPE’s perp contracts on its platform. This announcement has now also ignited expectations of a potential spot listing on Coinbase. 

A prominent crypto analyst, Plazma, recently Tweeted, “Coinbase added $PEPE perpetual for institutional investors, spot is next.” He also highlighted the bullish tendencies on PEPE’s chat and said it is towards a new ATH.

On its daily chart, PEPE has been showing a strong bullish edge. The meme token’s recent recovery chalked out a bullish-flag-like pattern over the last two months.

Last week’s 50%+ gains helped PEPE break out of this pattern and reaffirm the bullish edge. A potential rebound from the $0.00000715 support level can help the coin continue its uptrend in the coming days.

The meme coin surged by nearly 5% in the last 24 hours. According to data from Coinglass, this surge was also accompanied by an increase in the open interest (OI) for PEPE. Such an increase in price alongside OI typically confirms a strong uptrend. 

As the sentiment toward PEPE turns bullish, a hot new meme token that has caught investors’ attention is Dogeverse.

Trending New Meme Token Dogeverse Raises $11 Million

Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE) is one of the hottest new cryptos offering the first multi-chain Doge token. It’s inspired by a character called Cosmo, a Doge that can jump between blockchains. 

It is built on a multi-chain network across Polygon, Solana, Ethereum, Base, Avalanche, and BNB Chain. The main idea behind $DOGEVERSE is to break down the walls that often separate crypto communities.

The meme token’s recently launched presale saw huge investor traction as it raised over $11 million just a few days after launch.

Early investors can buy $DOGEVERSE for just $0.000302 at the time of writing. However, this price will rise in the next presale stage.

The platform also allows early buyers to earn high passive income from staking. Buyers can get a staking APY of nearly 100% at press time. However, this rate will decrease as more people enter the staking pool.

According to the Dogeverse whitepaper, the platform has a supply cap of 200 billion $DOGEVERSE tokens. It is worth noting that the project offers 15% (30 billion) of these tokens to early buyers at a relatively lower price during the ongoing presale.

You can follow the Dogeverse on X (previously Twitter) or enter its Telegram channel to get the latest updates and news.

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