Ripple (XRP) has been predicted by several analysts to undergo a major price pump amid a recent surge in value. Although the past 24 hours have seen the cryptocurrency face a slight correction, it is still experiencing a noticeable upward trajectory as opposed to its position in April.

Throughout the last 7 days, XRP has increased by nearly 6%, according to CoinMarketCap. Moreover, the asset has briefly touched the $0.57 level throughout the week thus far. Now, all eyes are on whether or not a sustained rally could be in the works. Subsequently, many investors foresee a bull run in XRP’s future.

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Ripple Could Pump as XRP Rally Forms

Throughout the first several months of the year, Ripple has underperformed many expectations. However, that appears to be changing despite the asset’s recent, well-maintained stay at the $0.52 level. Many analysts have projected Ripple to pump, with XRP facing a potential rally.

CoinChartist analyst Tony Severino recently discussed the asset. Specifically, he observed a “bullseye bottom signal” on the XRP/BTC monthly chart. This indicator is undoubtedly bullish, and further solidifies Severino’s perspective on the asset, noting that it is currently in a “great spot.”

Additionally, cryptocurrency analyst Mikybull Crypto took to X (formerly Twitter) to discuss XRP. There, they stated that the asset is “looking super bullish” by their estimation. Moreover, they note that it “is currently in preparation for an explosive move.”

$XRP Seems like bottomed out & almost Ready to Bounce Back

Midterm Target : $2.50 #Crypto #XRP #XRPUSDT

— Captain Faibik (@CryptoFaibik) May 5, 2024

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Other analysts, like Captain Faibik, have noted that the asset is “ready to bounce back” from its decline throughout the year thus far. Specifically, they have forecasted a midterm target of $2.50 for the asset. This certainly would be a best-case scenario, with many investors anxiously awaiting its movement toward the $1 mark.

However, that perspective is not completely unfounded, as many investors believe a rally toward the $2 mark is not out of the question. Among them is Jonathan Carter, a market technician who has projected a mid-term price target of $1.68.

Conversely, any movement upward will have to contend with the ongoing uncertainty regarding Ripple’s legal conflict with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Ultimately, a conclusion to that lawsuit should be a massive positive for the asset’s price performance.


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