Turkey has officially halted all trade with Israel. Indeed, Turkish officials have reportedly called to cease exports and imports from the nation as of Thursday, although there has been no announcement on the matter as of yet.

The development follows Colombia’s decision to end all diplomatic relations with Israel amid the ongoing military offensive in the Gaza Strip. Moreover, Turkey’s decision to halt trade follows export restrictions that were implemented in April.

BREAKING: Turkey officially halts all trade with Israel. pic.twitter.com/QKidvj9rkD

— BRICS News (@BRICSinfo) May 2, 2024

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Turkey to Halt All Trade With Israel

The ongoing war in Gaza has continued to be the subject of immense geopolitical attention. Indeed, countries are responding to the ongoing developments, with many establishing the side on which they stand.

Subsequently, today has seen another country halt relations, as Turkey has officially stopped all ongoing trade with Israel. Specifically, Bloomberg reports that the country has opted to stop all exports and imports to Israel as of Thursday.

Source: Foreign Policy Research Institute

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The reports were informed by Turkish officials with knowledge of the matter, although no official has made a public announcement of the decision. Moreover, both Turkey and Israel had trade relations worth $6.8 billion in 2023. Additionally, 76% of those dealings were Turkish exports.

Colombia had publicly announced its decision to halt all diplomatic relations with Israel amid the ongoing conflict. President Gustavo Petro made the decision after a warning was issued in March. Specifically, Petro called for Israel’s compliance with the UN Security Council resolution that called for an immediate cease-fire.

Now, Turkey joins the growing list of countries who have ended relations with the country, or recalled ambassadors. Israel responded with a denouncement of Colombia, and nations who have chosen to cease relations amid the Gaza Strip conflict.


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