Beginners guide: where to sell Funko pops

All right, so your collection of epic Funko pops has reached its max.

And now you’re trying to start a new collection of something totally different. This would probably beg the question, “Where do I sell my Funko pops?”

Today we’re going to help you uncover just that in our easy-to-follow guide to help you maximize profits.

Keep reading to find out more.

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What are Funko pops?

If you don’t know already, Funko Pops are basically small toy-like figurine that has exaggerated features.

They’ve become known for their oversized eyes and bobbleheads. These figures come from various places, including pop culture icons, idols, or things like DC comics.

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What is the point of Funko Pop?

Just like anything that people like to collect, Funko pops offer a pretty incredible assortment of pop culture characters. These include movie stars, comics, and sports stars. The cool thing is they are pretty affordable because they cost anywhere from eight to $15 and anyone can collect them.

Where to sell Funko Pops?

You have a few different options.

eBay and Mercari are probably going to be the best in terms of exposure.

However, since you’re hitting a bigger audience, the fees are likely going to be a little bit higher. You may also want to try some local markets, such as a Facebook marketplace or even Popcultcha, which is a website that specializes in Funko pops.

Any other ideas for Funko Pop sales?

You might want to check out some local comic cons because they attract such huge enthusiasts.

If you have a really large collection to showcase you might be able to sell quite a few there and the rare the better.

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In conclusion, you have a few options when you’re ready to sell and part ways with your Funko. If you decide to sell them in person that’s one strategy, but you also have plenty of options to sell them online.

Happy trading.


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