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America’s Takeout Food Preferences: A Decade of Change

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Launched by Stanford students in 2012, delivery behemoth DoorDash now holds about 56% of the American online food delivery market. As a result, the company has unique insights into what Americans are ordering for food, as well as how their habits have changed.

In this visual, we rank DoorDash’s most-ordered takeout food in 2013 and 2023, per their “Decade Delivered” report.

French Fries: Born in Belgium, Loved by America

French fries are DoorDash’s most-ordered food in 2023 compared to the Panera chipotle chicken sandwich in 2013.

As it happens, French fries are also the most-ordered food on the platform of all time.

Since 2013, more than 600 million orders of fries have been delivered, and as the company notes, it is “a perfect food that (almost) no one’s making at home.”

Here’s their top 10 most-ordered takeout food items in 2013 and 2023


1 Chipotle Chicken Sandwich French Fries

2 Pork Potstickers Chicken Quesadilla

3 Tomato Bisque Soup Mozzarella Sticks

4 Cobb Salad Garlic Naan

5 Sweet Potato Fries Spicy Chicken Sandwich

6 Guacamole Pepperoni Pizza

7 Hummus Chips & Queso

8 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Traditional Wings

9 Tacos Cobb Salad

10 Pita Fried Rice

Interestingly, the Cobb salad is the only food item to stay within the top 10, though it has fallen five ranking spots in the last decade.

And while the chipotle chicken sandwich specifically is no longer on the top 10, spicy chicken sandwiches rank at sixth place in 2023.

When comparing overall trends over the decade, 2013 seemed to have more varied cuisine in the top 10: Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, and French.

Meanwhile, 2023 is concentrated around American and Mexican food. DoorDash also states that the latter two are the most-ordered cuisines of the past decade. Almost universally, however, finger foods are the theme: whether it be fries, wings, pizza, tacos or pitas.

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