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The Top Private Equity Firms by Country

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Private equity firms are investment management companies that pool investor capital to acquire stakes in private companies. Through strategic management, they aim to enhance the value of these companies, then profit from a future sale or public offering.

To gain insight into this industry, we’ve visualized the top private equity firms in various countries, ranked by the amount of capital they raised over the past five years ending March 2023.

The cutoff for inclusion in this graphic was $9 billion raised. All figures come from Private Equity International’s PEI 300 ranking.

Data and Highlights

The data we used to create this graphic is included in the table below.

CountryFirmAmount raised




LuxembourgCVC Capital Partners$42B

CanadaBrookfield Asset Management$31B

SwitzerlandPartners Group$27B

Hong KongHillhouse Capital Group$26B

FrancePAI Partners$24B

ChinaChina Reform Fund
Management Corp$17B

NetherlandsWaterland Private Equity$9B

U.S.-based Blackstone is the world’s largest private equity firm, with operations in additional areas like credit, infrastructure, and insurance.

While not shown in this graphic, the U.S. largely dominates the private equity landscape. If we were to rank the top 10 private equity firms by the same metric (capital raised over past five years), U.S. firms would account for eight of them.

More About Blackstone

Blackstone was founded in 1985 by Peter G. Peterson and Stephen A. Schwarzman, both former Lehman Brothers employees.

Notably investments that Blackstone has made include, where it acquired a majority stake for nearly $5 billion in 2020.

In 2007, it also acquired Hilton Worldwide (one of the world’s biggest hotel operators) for roughly $26 billion.

Sweden’s EQT

EQT is Sweden’s largest private equity firm, and third largest globally. It is just one of three firms that have raised over $100B in capital over the past five years alongside Blackstone and KKR (also American).

EQT made news earlier this year when it raised $24B in two years for its EQT X private equity fund, which invests in the healthcare, technology and tech-enabled service sectors.

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