As cryptocurrency prices recover from the recent dip, investors are poised for lucrative buying opportunities ahead of the market’s next leg up. 

However, not all cryptos will perform equally. With that in mind, this article provides the top seven cryptos that could explode this May and beyond.

We considered use cases, tokenomics, price data, expert opinions, market trends, and narratives when picking out these exciting coins.


Our top pick of cryptos that could explode in May is Dogeverse. Presenting an unprecedented use case of the first-ever multichain Doge-themed cryptocurrency, there’s a lot to be excited about with this project.

It is currently undergoing a presale and has raised over $13 million so far. However, the presale is now coming to a close after monumental success, leaving potential buyers with little time to enter.

Dogeverse’s epic chain-hopping expedition has already launched on Ethereum, Solana, Base, BSC, Avalanche, and Polygon. 

As such, the once-differential blockchain communities can now brush aside their disputes and unite under the Dogeverse banner.

It also means that Dogeverse is protected from the flippant whim of meme coin traders, who often migrate between blockchains.

Adding to the excitement, Dogeverse’s staking mechanism amplifies the project’s long-term potential, rewarding users to lock up their tokens with passive rewards. They can notch a 77% APY, but this will decrease as the staking pool grows.

However, with the Dogeverse presale ending soon, traders must act fast.


On the surface, WienerAI is another popular meme coin, gathering a “sausage army” to dominate the meme coin market. But scratching beneath the surface, WienerAI is much more than your bog-standard meme coin.

While ushering in an AI-powered bot to help users make better trades, WienerAI’s meme coin face establishes a gold standard of cryptocurrency marketing and community management. 

Its cutting-edge trading bot will draw retail users and shrewd value investors, while its meme coin facet will captivate the hyper-speculative meme coin degen crowd.

This combination has ignited massive hype in its presale, with the total raise recently eclipsing $1 million. As such, the likelihood of an explosive and lucrative exchange launch is rising by the day.

The current $WAI presale price is $0.000704, but this will rise throughout the campaign, with the next uptick in two days or when the total raise hits $1.4 million.


As institutions venture into the cryptocurrency industry, the real-world asset narrative is gaining prominence. In recent weeks, the sector has shown immense strength, spearheaded by Ondo.

Currently, ONDO is trading at $0.86. It is up 8% today, 14% this week, and 7% this month. It holds a $1.2 billion market cap and a $131 million 24-hour trading volume, up 34% today.

The ONDO token will be used for governance to power the Ondo protocol.

Ondo offers institutional-grade U.S. assets that users can invest in globally. 

Its main two products are USDY, a yield-generating stablecoin with a 5.2% APY and a $231 million TVL, and OUSG, short-term U.S. treasuries with a 4.96% APY and a $140 million TVL.

The project recently invested its OUSG fund into BlackRock’s on-chain tokenized asset fund, sparking excitement about further collaboration in the future.

Mega Dice Token

Mega Dice token, the latest venture from tier-one crypto casino Mega Dice, has taken center stage in the GameFi narrative since it launched.

Pioneering a gamification layer for the Mega Dice casino, the Mega Dice token is a hot prospect currently undergoing a presale.

Mega Dice Casino boasts 50,000 players who wager over $50 million monthly.

$DICE’s early stage, combined with its inherent utilities and Mega Dice’s prominence, all point to massive potential.

Holders get daily crypto rewards based on the casino’s success, exclusive access to new features, early bird bonuses, a referral program, and staking rewards.

Prominent industry commentators have rallied behind this new project, with the 99Bitcoins YouTube channel speculating it could 100x after its presale.

The Mega Dice presale price will rise incrementally throughout the campaign, with the next increase occurring when 14.7 million $DICE have been sold. So far, that figure is 11.1 million.


Pepe rose as a meme coin phenom in the 2023 bear market and has continued to perform well until the present day. It currently holds the title of third-largest meme coin, recently overtaking Dogwifhat in an impressive display of momentum.

Currently, Pepe is priced at $0.000008649, up 2.4% today, 25% this week, and 27% this month.

It holds a $3.6 billion market cap and a $726 million 24-hour trading volume, down 17% today. 

Still, it’s worth noting that Pepe’s market cap makes it the 30th largest crypto, while its 24-hour trading volume makes it the 10th largest. 

This discrepancy between trading activity and market cap reflects a vast excitement behind the project and indicates it could continue to pump in May.

Top analysts are also bullish, with Jameson recently saying, “PEPE is easily the best-looking alt chart right now. It looks ready for a move to new all-time highs.”


In recent months, the Solana presale circuit has fared as one of the most enthralling and lucrative ways for traders to get rich. From pioneers like Book of Meme and Slerf printing millionaires following their IEOs to Slothana raising over $15 million in a matter of weeks, there is seemingly no end to these high-octane presale antics.

Sealana is the latest rendition of Solana-based memetic excitement, bringing a hilarious seal-themed, degen trading meme coin to market. 

After starting his life as a sea-dwelling mammal, Sealana left everything behind to pursue meme coin riches and Lambos. Now residing in his mom’s basement, Sealana lives off chips and tuna, with hopes to make life-changing gains from the charts.

Investors love the new presale concept, and over $200K of SEAL tokens were quickly scooped up.

However, the Sealana presale does not have a predetermined hard cap, meaning buyers should act quickly to avoid missing out.


When it comes to cryptocurrencies already on the market, momentum and relative strength are crucial to forecast future potential. That is why Render could be one of the best projects to buy this month.

RNDR is currently trading at $10, up 10% today, 28% this week, and 6% this month. Its recent price action has recovered its losses from the market-wide selloff and outpaced most other large-cap cryptocurrencies.

Render currently holds a $3.9 billion market cap and a $346 million 24-hour trading volume, up 15% today.

Tapping into the AI, DePIN, and VR verticals, Render boasts exposure to the industry’s hottest trends.

Analysts are considerably bullish, with Crypto Patel recently speculating a move toward $50 could be on the table.

He wrote, “If RNDR has $7 support, it can reach new ATHs and aim for $50.”


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