On the back of relentless presale success, industry-leading traders are backing Dogeverse for up to 100x gains once it launches on the open market.

But with its presale approaching a close, time is running out for investors to secure $DOGEVERSE as its current fixed presale rate.

Dogeverse is the first-ever multi-chain Doge-themed meme coin and offers holders passive staking rewards.

Top Crypto Traders Tip Dogeverse For 100X Gains on IEO

With Dogeverse’s presale total raise now eclipsing $13 million, traders anticipate the unwavering momentum to spill into its IEO, laying the way for staggering financial gains.

In a recent analysis, Jacob Bury analyzed Dogeverse’s multi-chain approach and use of Wormhole’s cross-chain technology, concluding that Dogeverse could be a “new 100x potential meme coin.”

Similarly, analysts from the prestigious 99Bitcoins YouTube channel speculated that Dogeverse could be the “best crypto to buy now” and agreed with Jacob Bury that it holds 100x potential.

Meanwhile, heavyweight crypto media outfits like CoinGape, CryptoPotato, Cointelegraph, and many more have covered the presale’s resounding success.

This support from high-profile industry figures increases Dogeverse’s mass-market exposure, which will skyrocket its demand potential once brought to the open market.

But this interest is not unwarranted. Dogeverse’s one-of-a-kind use case offers a distinct advantage within the high-octane, hyper-competitive meme coin market. As such, it is not a project to miss out on.

Dogeverse is shaping up to be one of crypto’s most robust meme coins

Ushering in the future of memetic technology, Dogeverse’s multichain approach looks to carve a lasting foothold in the meme coin sector, negating volatility and ensuring long-term growth.

The project’s epic adventure will span the Ethereum, Solana, Base, Avalanche, Polygon, and BSC networks. 

Multichain functionality encapsulates the true spirit of meme coin positivity. Consequently, it encourages the different blockchain communities to push their differences aside and unite under one banner.

While this ideal will undoubtedly contribute to Dogeverse’s success, a much more tangible benefit is the unprecedented on-chain liquidity.

With ubiquitous accessibility across the hottest smart contract-enabled blockchains, Dogeverse will draw liquidity and demand from all corners of the industry.

Although this will bolster its price potential, the team is not resting on its laurels. Instead, it has established a staking mechanism. Specifically, this will reward holders for locking up their tokens to stabilize and secure the network.

Currently, stakers can garner a 73% APY, but this will decrease as more tokens are staked.

So far, over 22 billion $DOGEVERSE are staked. This shows the community’s deep-rooted belief in the project’s long-term potential.

As per its website, 15% of the token’s total supply is allocated to the presale. Then, 10% goes to staking rewards, 25% goes to project funds, 10% goes to liquidity, and 25% goes to marketing. Finally, another 10% will go to the ecosystem fund and 5% to exchange listings.

Indeed, this token distribution strikes a perfect balance between community incentives and means for long-term growth.

However, with the presale entering its closing stages, time is running low for potential buyers to secure $DOGEVERSE at ICO.

So don’t miss out. Follow Dogeverse on X or join its Telegram for the latest updates. Alternatively, visit its website to buy and stake tokens.

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