Your guide: Does Albertsons sell flowers?

So, you plan to head to your local Albertsons for milk and realize you forgot to grab your wife’s anniversary present. Why not grab flowers?

Now, that you’re pressed for time and don’t want to highlight the fact that you forgot, you ponder, “Does Albertson’s sell flowers?”

Today, we’ll answer just that.

Keep reading to find out.

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Does Albertsons sell flowers?

Yes, Albertsons sells flowers.

In our research, Albertson is showing that they are typically stocked with flowers, such as red white, and yellow roses.

They’ll typically have an assortment of lilies, carnations, and anything else you can think of when it comes to flowers.

You can find an arrangement anywhere from $7 to $50.

Why are grocery store flowers cheaper?

So, you go to your local grocery store versus an actual florist, and you’ll probably notice that the prices are lower.

Typically, this is because they are buying the flowers wholesale in large quantities and dispersing them to hundreds of stores to get them, whereas a florist is buying smaller quantities, so they are not getting the price break.

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Can you order flowers from Albertsons online?

Yes, it turns out that is going to be the website you need to order from. They’re going to have a wide range of flowers and vases available for your gifting needs.


In conclusion, Albertsons has a wide variety when it comes to flowers.

When you get to your local Albertson’s, just head to the front of the store and you’ll most likely see the large floral selection.

If you can’t get in the store, they’re going to have your back when it comes to shopping online.

Happy shopping!


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