Help! I need flowers: Does CVS Sell Flowers?

So, you’ve been putting off buying flowers for someone. You realize that all your local florists are already closed, but you need to show up with the flowers in hand.

Then, suddenly you remember that CVS stays open later than your local florist. You ask yourself, does CVS Sell flowers?

Today, we’re going to cover just that.

Keep reading to find out.

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Does CVS Sell Flowers?

The answer is yes! CVS (the super popular convenience store/pharmacy) does indeed sell flowers. Whether you’re attending a graduation or need some flowers for date night CVS has your back.

Do all CVS sell flowers?

This one is going to vary from location to location. You’re going to have a couple of different options depending on where your CVS is located and the season. You’ll most likely find flowers easier in the summer and spring months.

However, it is important to double-check with your local CVS location before visiting the store. So, we recommend contacting the store closest to you. Speak to a customer service representative to ensure that they have the flowers you’re in the market for.

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Where are the flowers located in CVS?

You’ll find flowers located near the front of the store or near their card aisle. If you don’t see them right away, you might want to ask the cashier just point you in the right direction.


In conclusion, although CVS sells flowers, we highly recommend giving your local CVS a call beforehand.

This way, you don’t make the trip all the way to your local CVS and end up leaving with nothing in hand.

The next time you get some flowers, don’t forget about CVS.

Happy shopping!


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