Your guide for fresh flowers: does Rite Aid sell flowers?

So, it’s late at night, and you’re on the hunt for flowers. You drive by a local Rite Aid, which is supposed to be a convenience store.

You might ask yourself, “Do they carry flowers too?” Today, we’re going to answer just that.

Keep reading to find out more.

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Does Rite Aid sell flowers?

Yes, Rite Aid sells flowers, but they’re not going to be the most exquisite of sorts. They’ll typically offer more affordable versions of something at a florist, for example.

Plus, they’ll typically carry more of the seasonal sorts of flowers, like items for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

However, Rite Aid locations will still have flowers for sale if you are on the hunt for some arrangements as a gift. Yet, we recommend contacting the location nearest you for verification on that.

Due to the vast location differences, your local Rite Aid may not be providing a flower selection at this time. Therefore, we would highly recommend checking ahead.

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Where else can I find flowers?

If you’re looking for flowers and need a broader selection, we’d recommend heading to your local Target.

They’ll have everything you need in terms of other gifting items and gift bags.

The other option would be to go to your local grocers, like Kroger or Wegmans.


In conclusion, while Rite Aid does sell flowers, it wouldn’t be our first choice when it comes to shopping for fresh blooms.

If you’re giving the gift of flowers, we recommend they be a little bit more substantial and would recommend heading to a local florist or something like a Target for a wider selection.

Happy shopping!


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