Your mailing guide: Does Rite Aid sell stamps?

So, you need to mail out an important letter, and you have some errands to run, which include picking up your prescriptions from your local Rite Aid.

As you jump in the car, you realize that you don’t have any stamps available, and it’s the weekend, so the local post office is closed.

You might ask yourself, since you’re going to the store anyway, “Does Rite Aid sell stamps?

Today, we’re going to answer just that.

Keep reading to find out more.

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Does Rite Aid sell stamps?

Yes, Rite Aid is totally known to have stamps at their stores. They’re going to sell a variety of stamps, including first-class and international. You can buy a single stamp or book at a time.

When you enter the store, be sure to locate a sales associate. Ask them where in the store they keep the stamps, and you should be directed to purchase the ones that you need.

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My Rite Aid is out of stamps. What should I do?

If your local Rite Aid is sold out, don’t worry about having plenty of options.

You can always try looking at some ATMs because some of them do sell stamps as well.

Most of the time, you can go to your local grocery store, like Kroger or Wegmans, and they’ll also have stamps available for you.

However, the most prominent place to purchase stamps is likely to be your local post office. They should have a ton of stamps in stock and be able to mail the necessary letter right after you purchase and apply the necessary stamps.


In conclusion, when it comes to stamps, Rite Aid totally has your back.

In the event that they are out, don’t worry. You still have plenty of other options out there, like your local grocer, to stock up on your stamp needs.

Happy mailing.


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